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Vida mineral water provides you with the ultimate solution to everyday hydration. Our water is expertly cleaned, purified and then infused with 84 mineral and trace elements, ensuring you hydrate the healthy way and ensuring your optimum health. Water free from all pollutants and radio-active isotopes.

The minerals in water supply the bio electrical impulses to your red blood cells so that your red blood
cells can repel each other to supply your body with enough oxygen and move through your body at high
speed to perform the functions of blood correctly.
When your red blood cells are repelled from each other it stops the danger of arteries clogging. The
natural minerals in water are the minerals infused into rainwater when rainwater filters through the
earth and becomes part and parcel of the molecules of water to enter at cellular level. Demineralised
water that has gone through filtration processes contains no minerals and cannot hydrate the body.
Instead it removes the minerals from the body.
The minerals in water supply all the organs with the right balanced minerals needed. “Real Water” as
nature provided used to be… Pure

• Fresh and pure, free from all pollutants Healthy
• Rich in electrolytes; perfect hydration solution Alkaline
• pH above 7.365 pH for perfect cell and body health to assist alkalinity Mineral
• Infused with essential minerals & trace elements

The clean healthy water that was available 200 years ago, was water that was clean without any
contaminants and filled with life giving minerals provided by nature.

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